Caribbean and Hawai‘i Travel Consultant ™

Are you planning your next vacation, a honeymoon, anniversary or a special trip to the Caribbean or Hawai‘i but are still unsure about where to go and when? You've read Rum & Reggae's Caribbean and Hawai‘i but want a personal recommendation? Well, we are here to help. Rum & Reggae Guidebooks is pleased to offer a new consultation service for our readers.

For just $150, you will be able to tap into the personal knowledge of the Caribbean's and Hawai‘i's travel guru, Jonathan Runge, to customize your trip. We provide an e-mail questionnaire (or will send one via the U.S. mail) for you to complete. Upon receipt and evaluation, we will then e-mail or post our recommendations back to you (which island(s), getting there and getting around, the best hotel(s), restaurants, activities options and any other pertinent information. Included in the price is a phone consultation with Jonathan for up to 15 minutes*, and a free Rum & Reggae hat.

So don't wait until the last minute! Register now for the Caribbean Travel Consultant or the Hawai‘i Travel Consultant by clicking on the button below. Be sure to allow three weeks for this service. Expedited consultations are available for an additional charge of $25 U.S.

* Residents of the U.S. and Canada. International phone calls are an additional charge.


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