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Carribean Postcard
Date: Tuesday, February 3, 2004
From : Ric et Lu Seles

Have been to St. Barth many times and now, on to Terra de Haut (Les Saintes)...can't wait.
Carribean Postcard
Date: Friday, November 21, 2003
From : Nancy Baker

I have just returned from a month long adventure in the Grenadines and St Lucia. I have had your book since last May when my husband went on a solo trip for a few months to the USVI. I went to visit him in July 2003, and saw Tortola at that time. Before returing home (Arizona) in September he went to visit distant friends on Carriacou and was blow away. Off we went together this trip, with you book so worn from my reading page for page for months!

We flew into Barbados because the airfare was cheap, Barbados was way too hot. It took me a few days to let the term 3rd world creep into my head. The highlight for me was sitting in the bus station in Bridgetown being the only white people! Also the school uniforms are so impressive!

People were nice but the tourism behind gates wasn't. We stayed at White Sands (in your book). For the price it was great. George was our host (as owner?) Really nice man. I'de recommend White Sands and Salt Ash, although White Sands has a better bar we were told. Also a great beach. Barbados began the never ending hits for money by any means from the locals. My husband (we are both late 40's) is tall w/curly blond hair, a loud person, very noticable. The best purchase from a local on the bench was aloe vera for $7 US for my sunburn. We rented a car from a spot across the street from White Sands, very nice and they gave us a ride to the airport. Next to Grenada. Wow, the smells were amazing. I had wanted to stay at De Ellis but since they dont have their own web site I got hooked up with - not cool. Gus met us at the airport with a rental car and drove us to De Ellis but I told him we didn't know how long we would be on the island and he still changed us for 6 days! He told us not to pick up strangers and not to do this and that... strange dude. De Ellis was incredibally hot, the bed was way too small, the plumbing under the sink broke so brushing of teeth resulted in a flood... Mrs Ellis was very nice but when we said thanks but we'll be moving on she made me call Gus at TravelGrenada who was "disapproving" and made me call with the where about of the rental car. I have never had to check in with a car rental before. We drove around and found La Sagesse, an absolute jewel. Mike charged us $75/night US +10% only and we coudn't leave! We called Gus to return the car and once again the attitude and he charge us for 3 days instead of the 2 we had the car. This made us angry but I just wanted him gone so we paid it. We ended up renting a car again from a different company, much nicer and drove the island twice. Another great spot is called Almost Paradise at the tip just beyond Sauteurs. The owners are a German man and his Canadian wife. They have built 3 independant cabins on a cliff looking out at Carriacou and islands further, they are also great cooks. It was beautiful. Their beach is a bit of a hike but the forest you pass through is great. My husband has driven in Rome (as way of explanation for being able to drive in the islands) but I couldn't imagine a novice driving in Grenada, pretty crazy! We finally had to leave La Sagesse, Mike said good as we were making his staff lazy! That was the best experience and I so highly recommend it. I could tell you the magic everyday there but I am going to stop here for the time as I don;t know if my post car is full?
I seem to be typing a lot and still have the Geenadines and St Lucia to tell you about!

Caribbean Postcard
Date: Thursday, September 19, 2002
From : fabio

Ti amo topolina...
Ci divertiremo tanto insieme!
E' stata l'estate + bella della mia vita
Caribbean Postcard
Date: Tuesday, July 9, 2002
From : Fabio

Stammo annna???
E daje va!!!
Te amo topa
Hawaii Postcard
Date: Friday, May 31, 2002
From : Paola

Ciao Paola
Caribbean Postcard

Date: Friday, April 12, 2002
From: Doug

A friend of mine told me that she attended the BVI Music Festival in Tortola last year and that it was really a great show. Last year they had Reggae singer Maxi Priest among others and it was a fantastic show!

This year Steel Pulse and Regina Belle are performers. The dates are May 24-26 and the event is free. I will be making inquiries about attending this year as it sounds really good.

Has anyone out there attended last years show or plan on attending this year?

For more info you can check

Caribbean Postcard
In your latest edition, you asked people to contact you if they knew of a guesthouse on Petit Martinique. Well, I haven't stayed there, but the web address for Melodies Guesthouse is:

Hope this is of use to you.