Rum & Reggae's Puerto Rico

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Rum & Reggae's Puerto Rico, Including Culebra & Vieques
Second Edition
by Jonathan Runge & Adam Carter
paperback, 208 pages

As the wheels scrape the runway upon landing in San Juan, there is a burst of applause from the Puerto Ricans on the plane. We’ve always been amused by this custom and pondered (but not too much) why they do this so often. After many visits to this exotic isla latina, we think we understand. Who wouldn’t be happy to be here? Puerto Rico has a cosmopolitan capital, verdant mountains, beautiful beaches, a very lively populace, eclectic dining, high-end hotels, excellent salsa, and the convenience of still being in the U.S. and a nonstop flight from most major U.S. and Canadian hubs.

Better still, Rum & Reggae’s Puerto Rico, Including Culebra & Vieques will help you find and experience all the best of “La Isla del Encanto.” From the pulsating nightlife of San Juan (both gay and straight) and the architectural wonders of Old San Juan to the rain forests of El Yunque, the surf breaks of Rincón and the serenity of Culebra & Vieques, we are there, giving our own brand of critique for the savvy and in-the-know traveler.

Rum & Reggae’s Puerto Rico is the only book you will need for your trip. Everything you need to know is in these pages. We provide the inside scoop on PR, every worthwhile place to see (and which ones to avoid), as well as the 411 on accommodations, restaurants, nightlife, beaches, activities, and more. And we give you the freedom and flexibility to make discoveries all your own. If we like something, you’ll know it. If we don’t, duck! So let Rum & Reggae be your guide to fun and good times in this land of heat, passion, and salsa.

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About the Authors

JONATHAN RUNGE is the author of 18 travel books: Rum & Reggae's Puerto Rico (2007), Rum & Reggae's Caribbean (2006), Rum & Reggae's Costa Rica (2006); Rum & Reggae's Brazil (2005); Rum & Reggae's French Caribbean (2005); Rum & Reggae's Grenadines, Including St. Vincent and Grenada (2003); Rum & Reggae's Virgin Islands (2003); Rum & Reggae's Caribbean (2002); Rum & Reggae's Jamaica (2002); Rum & Reggae's Puerto Rico (2002); Rum & Reggae's Dominican Republic (2002); Rum & Reggae's Cuba (2002); Rum & Reggae's Hawai'i (2001); Rum & Reggae's Caribbean 2000 (2000); Rum & Reggae: The Insider's Guide to the Caribbean (Villard Books, 1993); Hot on Hawai'i: The Definitive Guide to the Aloha State (St. Martin's Press, 1989); Rum & Reggae: What's Hot and What's Not in the Caribbean (St. Martin's Press, 1988); and Ski Party!: The Skier's Guide to the Good Life, co-authored with Steve Deschenes (St. Martin's Press, 1985). Jonathan has also written for Men's Journal, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, Out, Skiing, Boston, and other magazines.

ADAM CARTER is a Chicago-based Cubs fan who spends his summers vending beer at the ballpark. While waiting for the Cubs to finally win the big one, he has obtained a masters degree in International Relations. Merging this background with journalism, Adam served as the Cultural Arts Reporter for a Washington, D.C. paper, The Hatchet, and while working for the U.N, he traveled to Columbia to write articles about their internal refugees. His articles have been published in Worldview Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle. He currently writes for Filosophy Magazine as he works on his first novel. Adam has an unchallenged thirst for travel and has seen just about every corner, nook, and cranny of the globe. This is Adam's third book with Rum & Reggae - he was also a major contributor to Rum & Reggae's Brazil and he co-authored Rum & Reggae's Costa Rica.