Rum & Reggae's French Caribbean

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The first guidebook to group all the French islands under one cover, this unique and affrodable book is a must for those in-the-know travelers who crave sophistication, fabulous food, and that certain "je ne sais quoi" when vacationing in the tropics. Different from ordinary travel guides (which often work better than Ativan for insomnia), Rum & Reggae Guidebooks are opinionated, irreverent, funny, informative and geared toward the more sophisticated and savvy traveler of any age who avidly avoids the tourist swarms.

Rum & Reggae's French Caribbean takes on the infamous Gaullic attitude with its own "savoir faire" to the "Tricolor" islands. This book shows the reader the inside scoop of the oh-so-fabulous St. Barts (St. Barthélemy), the best way to navigate the often manic St. Martin (both the French and Dutch sides), the diversity of Guadeloupe, the chicness of Les Saintes, the unknown Marie-Galante, and the Parisian outpost of the Caribbean, Martinique. All the information and recommendations a traveler needs to know are in these pages; from hotels, resorts, villa rentals, and cultural and recreational activities, to restaurants, branché cafés, hot clubs and beaches (including nude ones - remember - this is France).

"Not your typical tourist guidebook...written for people who want more out of a vacation than the standard tourist fare." - Travel Weekly

About the Author
JONATHAN RUNGE is the author of 18 travel books: Rum & Reggae's Puerto Rico (2007), Rum & Reggae's Caribbean (2006), Rum & Reggae's Costa Rica (2006); Rum & Reggae's Brazil (2005); Rum & Reggae's French Caribbean (2005); Rum & Reggae's Grenadines, Including St. Vincent and Grenada (2003); Rum & Reggae's Virgin Islands (2003); Rum & Reggae's Caribbean (2002); Rum & Reggae's Jamaica (2002); Rum & Reggae's Puerto Rico (2002); Rum & Reggae's Dominican Republic (2002); Rum & Reggae's Cuba (2002); Rum & Reggae's Hawai'i (2001); Rum & Reggae's Caribbean 2000 (2000); Rum & Reggae: The Insider's Guide to the Caribbean (Villard Books, 1993); Hot on Hawai'i: The Definitive Guide to the Aloha State (St. Martin's Press, 1989); Rum & Reggae: What's Hot and What's Not in the Caribbean (St. Martin's Press, 1988); and Ski Party!: The Skier's Guide to the Good Life, co-authored with Steve Deschenes (St. Martin's Press, 1985). Jonathan has also written for Men's Journal, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, Out, Skiing, Boston, and other magazines.