Rum & Reggae's Brazil

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Rum & Reggae's Brazil
by Jonathan Runge
paperback, 840 pages

Rum & Reggae’s Brazil takes on the world’s hottest destination with its trademark critical, witty and cosmopolitan eye. It takes the reader not only to the renowned Rio de Janeiro and its famous Carnaval, but to areas virtually unknown to the English-speaking world — like Salvador, Pipa, Buzios, Minas Gerais and Paraty — with its “Travel with an Opinion®” motto as its m.o. Rum & Reggae’s Brazil is the only book the in-the-know and savvy traveler will need. Those who are a tad timid about journeying throughout this island of Portuguese and little English will find a welcome friend and guiding light in Rum & Reggae’s Brazil.

With time increasingly at a premium for the sophisticated, successful and adventurous person, Rum & Reggae’s Brazil does the work for the minute-challenged. It sifts through the Himalayan-like mountains of material and provides the reader with the right balance of info and recommendations — all in a style and tone that is fun and engaging. While traditional travel books work better than Valium for insomnia, Rum & Reggae’s Brazil will have the reader trying to samba, listening to Marisa Monte, mixing a caipirinha and saying “tudo bem” by the end of the first chapter. And what about those legendary and uninhibited Brazilian beauties and where to find them? Well, you’ll just have to buy Rum & Reggae’s Brazil to find out!

About the Author
JONATHAN RUNGE is the author of 18 travel books: Rum & Reggae's Puerto Rico (2007), Rum & Reggae's Caribbean (2006), Rum & Reggae's Costa Rica (2006); Rum & Reggae's Brazil (2005); Rum & Reggae's French Caribbean (2005); Rum & Reggae's Grenadines, Including St. Vincent and Grenada (2003); Rum & Reggae's Virgin Islands (2003); Rum & Reggae's Caribbean (2002); Rum & Reggae's Jamaica (2002); Rum & Reggae's Puerto Rico (2002); Rum & Reggae's Dominican Republic (2002); Rum & Reggae's Cuba (2002); Rum & Reggae's Hawai'i (2001); Rum & Reggae's Caribbean 2000 (2000); Rum & Reggae: The Insider's Guide to the Caribbean (Villard Books, 1993); Hot on Hawai'i: The Definitive Guide to the Aloha State (St. Martin's Press, 1989); Rum & Reggae: What's Hot and What's Not in the Caribbean (St. Martin's Press, 1988); and Ski Party!: The Skier's Guide to the Good Life, co-authored with Steve Deschenes (St. Martin's Press, 1985). Jonathan has also written for Men's Journal, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, Out, Skiing, Boston, and other magazines.